Conditions and instructions

Read our conditions, instructions and tips below. You may also be interested in reading our frequently asked questions.

Zaphrika Conditions

  • Zaphrika is a service for renting exclusive outfits that exist in a single copy. The default rental price implies the use of an image/accessory by one person during one photo session.
  • The minimum possible reservation period is 1 day.
  • Products for use at Zaphrika photo shoots are not “clothes” in the generally accepted sense of the word, and are not intended to be treated like ordinary clothes. It is especially made for photoshoots. The words “dress”, “skirt”, “corset” are arbitrary, and are used for convenience. Consider this as a decoration that you don’t know how to care for, so leave it to professionals for cleaning and repair.
  • Dresses are adjustable for any height and size from XS to L – here it is implied that the size should be suitable for posing on the set, and not meet the strict requirements for comfort, fit, appearance and so on, like ordinary clothes. The main thing is to indicate your measurements in the booking form, and we will make sure that the size suits you.
  • For the same reason, products from Zaphrika with fluffy skirts and multi-meter trains are created exclusively for photo shoots, and are not designed for other purposes and may be unsafe for walking, dancing and other things.
  • All catalogue images of Zaphrika (available on the website, Instagram, Youtube, Facebook, Pinterest, magazines, etc.) depicts Charlene van Rooyen’s real copyright ideas, including the design and construction of products of her collection items.
  • All rights to the publications posted on the site belong to Zaphrika service and its owners and partners. Any use of these publications is prohibited without the permission and consent of the copyright holders, and is punishable by law.
  • By using Zaphrika dresses you agree to all of the conditions described here.
  • The conditions are not final and will change without prior notification.
  • If you notice a violation of someone’s rights, report it to

Instructions and Tips

  • To avoid confusion about size, supply your exact measurements. It is important to understand the girth of the chest, waist and, in some cases, the girth of the arm at the level of the armhole. Please note it in the booking form.
  • If the dress is “see-through”, you can wear your own bodysuit underneath. White or black may be too bright through the dress. Perhaps opt for nude instead.
  • Shoes: wear your high-heels only for the photoshoot, and move around in ballet shoes/pumps so as not to get tangled and accidentally damage the skirt.
  • First put on a corset, and on top of it the skirt. Or other way around. Contact us anytime if you need some assistance.
  • When walking, when you need to move the dress to another location, do not pull the dress on the floor or the ground, collecting dust and dirt and clinging to branches. Gather the skirt in front of you, or let the assistants carry it. But if there is an opportunity, it is better to remove the skirt – this is done very quickly.
  • After shooting, put the dress back in the bag separately from the cover. Do not try to fold in the cover, especially if the dress is wet.
  • If the dress is wet – please allow it to dry before placing it back into the bag for return shipment.